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Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention and Preparation

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 8, 2016 3:42:34 PM

In life, there are certain tragedies that aren’t preventable. Floods, fires, earthquakes and other disasters cannot be contained, only weathered through. There are a number of other relative catastrophes that can have their likelihood significantly decreased, given good judgment and pre-emptive action.

At ImageFIRST North Carolina, we believe in the power of our medical linen services in Charlotte, NC and across the region; not because we see it as a luxury, rather we see it as a necessity to provide patients with the protection they deserve. In an era of unprecedented scrutiny in the medical practice, when financial debacles wait in the wings, taking the proper steps to ward them off isn’t just a routine preventative measure, it’s an investment in the future of an entire healthcare facility.

Healthcare-associated infections: three words that strike fear into the heart of medical facility management everywhere. We’d be remiss to deny that healthcare providers are aware of their likelihood—virtually every medical facility takes some steps to prevent them. In spite of that fact, 2016 has seen the largest national focus on HAIs in recent memory. We’ve been working to combat the spread of bacteria on linens for more than half a century and we’ve seen the necessity of our battle only continue to grow.

Because of the unavoidable presence of bacteria, creating an effective plan to prevent HAIs can seem insurmountable. In reality, the proper steps to preventing the spread of infection requires diligence and the assistance of a medical laundry service provider that can handle the task. Making the plan to enact those steps, however, requires certain knowledge of the options and challenges in prevention.

ImageFIRST recently released a guide for creating a concrete protection plan against harmful pathogens. Entitled “3 Questions To Determine If Your Protection Plan Is Complete,” the complimentary guide is available at

At ImageFIRST North Carolina, we’re providing solutions to obstacles that keep medical facility managers awake at night. It’s not just our healthcare laundry services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, it’s the lengths we go to, to make linens safe and keep them that way.