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The Weight of Words: How A Small Change Makes A Big Impact

Posted by ImageFIRST on Feb 1, 2017 11:00:45 AM

As providers of medical uniforms and scrubs in Raleigh, NC, we’ve seen firsthand the impact of clean and comfortable work attire. And at ImageFIRST North Carolina, we’re big proponents of making the changes that elevate the patient experience. Our own regional vice president and national service director, Jay Juffre, recently provided his own insight into one particular change that he sees making a major difference -- a title.

Juffre shares an experience he had while staying at a hotel he regularly travels to for business. Having stayed at the hotel several times before, he had become acquainted with the level of service the staff displayed. He was pleasantly surprised when the woman at the front desk went above and beyond to ensure that he was informed of every amenity and took the time to orient him towards the elevators. Juffre wondered what had changed.

Observing the associate’s badge, Juffre immediately noticed that her title was no longer “Front Desk,” but “Navigator.” While speaking with Juffre, the associate mentioned that the title change made her see her position in a whole new light.

Jay Juffre relates this small change’s impact to the healthcare industry. At ImageFIRST, we already know that simple changes can have remarkable effects: For example, healthcare facilities that switch to our line of Comfort Care patient gowns will improve their patients’ perception of their facility by at least 50% compared to their previous medical gowns.

Following the hospitality industry’s lead, Juffre also identifies at least one particular case where a small title change could have a profound impact: the term “Security Guard.” Jay points out that by changing the title “Security Guard” to “Safety Officer,” patients and visitors to a medical facility are more likely to see them in a positive manner.

At ImageFIRST North Carolina, we believe in the power of little changes – they can make a big impact. Whether it’s changing a professional’s title or providing patients with more comfortable gowns to wear, we’ve seen the work that those things can do. ImageFIRST will continue to make those small changes and hope they carry over into other industries.

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